Saturday, April 26, 2008


Neteller: Last week $40; Current $394 (+354)
Virgin: E88; E88 (-)
PokerStars: Last week $149; Current $47 (-102)
CD: Last week $37; Current $233 (+196)
Full Tilt: Last week $243; Current $60 (-183)

Total = $822 (+73)

Since there is a lot of stuff out there saying that the iPoker network is very soft for SnG's, I decided to play some $10+1 games on there and compare them with the FT games I have been playing this year. The results from only 4 games were decisive. While I only managed four games, I won two of them at a canter and there is no doubt whatsoever that they are much softer than the games on FT. In fact I would say that they are directly comparable to the standard on the $5 games on FT (i.e pretty poor - my roi on these is 20%).

That being the case, the decision was easy. I had to change my focus to playing on iPoker. As it happened CD sent me a reload bonus offer including some tokens for tournaments, so that made my decision easier. I've closed the Titan and Littlewoods accounts, moved money out of FT and Stars and reloaded on CD. The RaisetheRiver folk have a useful sounding rakeback type deal with another iPoker skin, so I'll probably move to that after I've done what I can with the CD bonus.

Games played were:

90 player $3.3 games = 2; 37/90 and 13/90. Close but no cigar.
9 player $5.5 games = 5. 1st = 1; 2nd = 1; 3rd = 1; 4th = 1; 5th = 1.
10 player $10+1 games = 4. 1st = 2; 7th = 1; 9th = 1.

Despite the fact that I had a good week, you tend to remember the bad beats most vividly (though when you're winning overall they are much easier to bear). I had KQs all in late on beaten by K5o hiting a 5. I then had about 400t$ left and caught AA. My all in was called by the same player with 96 off and he beat me with a straight. Oh how I laughed :-(

Nastiest one I saw though was one I wasn't in, thank goodness. A guy hit quad 8's on the flop and was then beaten by quad Queens! Now I wouldn't have wanted to be his cat.

I only finished 3rd in the RtR league game this week, which was won by kenn. He played very well, especially with one hand when we were down to three, kenn, myself and hammerheed. Sadly kenn (who had a big stack from the start due to taking out dD with Aces) had position on me. This told when I raised heavily with AK to try to take out the short stacked hammer and kenn then went all in over the top of me. I couldn't call because in icm terms it was ridiculous to do so, which of course kenn knew. Hammer gave him a damned good fight in the heads up though, despite being short stacked to start with.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Neteller: Last week $40; Current $40 (-)
Virgin: E86; E88 (+2)
PokerStars: Last week $149; Current $149 (-)
Titan: Last week $105; Current $105 (-)
CD: Last week $32; Current $37 (+-)
Littlewoods: Last week $87; Current $87 (-)
Full Tilt: Last week $210; Current $243 (+33)

Total = $749 (+35)

A much better week to report this time. Despite being above $200 I decided to keep playing $5 SnG's, since my roi was much higher than on the $10 ones. This seems to have paid off.

9 player $5.5 games: Played 8: 1st = 2; 2nd = 2; 3rd = 1; 4th = 1; 5th = 1; 6th = 1.

18 player $5.5 game: 5/18.

2 player $2.25 head's up games: 4: 1st = 4.

As an experiment I also played some head's up games and I won all of them. I'm not going to make my fortune from $2 games, but it is interesting to play these and sharpen that part of my game. It looks like there is going to be a challenge on Raise the River for the best score in 20 of these, which will be a good laugh.

Meanwhile in the Raise the River league game I finished 3rd this week, but the winner was the player in joint 2nd place behind me in the table, Mair, so she is now very close behind me in points. The next four weeks look like being an exciting battle.

Mair deserved to win last night as she was on very good form, building up a big stack and then trying to break players by calling their all ins around bubble time. She suffered some setbacks but battled back, still firing away. I lost out when my all in raise with 55 was called by hammerheed, one of whose two high cards hit (so it goes). The dangerous BurnleyMik was out first, so it is unlikely he can catch us now. That takes a serious contender out of the picture.

Meanwhile in my face to face game at the cricket club I was beaten late on in the same way by the same player as last week - my big pocket pair (queens this time) is called by Ace/rag and an Ace falls. Give me strength...or a return to statistical normality!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Neteller: Last week $40; Current $40 (-)
Virgin: E86; E86 (-)
PokerStars: Last week $166; Current $149 (-17)
Titan: Last week $105; Current $105 (-)
CD: Last week $32; Current $37 (+5)
Littlewoods: Last week $87; Current $87 (-)
Full Tilt: Last week $252; Current $210 (-42)

Total = $702 (-54)

It's been one of those weeks where I could do no right. They happen.

I've played:

7 x 9 player $10 + 1 games.

2nd = 1; 5th = 3; 6th = 1; 7th = 1; 9th = 1.

Blogger 10th/20.

...which says all that needs to be said really. I hit nothing all week. In the game where I came 9th, I went all in with KK and my opponent had AA. In the very next game I walked a flopped straight into quads.

I got so fed up I went and played some limit for a change, but just broke even.

I even lost in my local game at the cricket club when my all in late on with KK was called by A4. He hit the A on the turn.

You just have to roll with the punches and hope the turn around comes soon.

Meanwhile I came 3rd in the latest RtR league game after an epic battle with BurnleyMik, kenn, and Mair. Mair was very unlucky when her AK lost to Kenn's AQ (hitting two of the ladies no less), but kenn had already come back from the brink of death to be there at all, winning all in after all in with total air. Mik took it down to come into contention with the other two. Good fun, but we could have done with more players.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Neteller: Last week $90; Current $40 (-)
Virgin: E72; E86 (+14)
PokerStars: Last week $171; Current $1 (-17)
Titan: Last week $105; Current $105 (-)
CD: Last week $43; Current $32 (-11)
Littlewoods: Last week $87; Current $87 (-)
Full Tilt: Last week $248; Current $252 (+4)

Total = $756 (-10)

Best result of the week was winning the friday night League game on "Raise the River", which puts me top of the league after 4 games of 10. Nice one. It was the usual tough battle and came down eventually to Mair, Kenn, BurnleyMik and myself. Kenn was the short stack but he outlasted Mik before eventually succumbing. In the heads up, it was all over in two hands where my AK and then Ax (higher) held up for the win. It will be hard to stay there, as I know they will be gunning for me :-).

I had a go at the 6 player limit games again, but met better opposition than the one I played last week. So it goes.

I managed to go deep in most of the $3 donkaments I played but sadly, no cigar. I was winning the one I finished 12th in, when I made a poor play - calling an all in from a guy with half my stack with an open ended straight draw. I didn't hit, needless to say, and the result put me in trouble. Made hands every time, late in these things - never draws. I know that, but failed to act on it, since I had been running so well. You live and learn.

6 player $5.5 games = 2: 1st = 1; 4th = 1.
6 player limit 5.5 games = 2. 3rd = 2.
9 player $5.5 game = 1. 4th.
9 player $10+1 games = 5: 2nd = 1; 3rd = 1; 6th = 1; 7th = 1.
90 player $3+.3 games = 4: 12th, 13th, 18th, 45th.
18 player $5.5 game = 1: 6th.
Bloggerment: 5/15
RtR league: 1/10