Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Neteller: Last month $108; Current $108
Full Tilt: Last month $45; Current $45 (-)
Ultimate Bet: Last month $188; Current $198 (+10)

Total = $341

Profit on the month = +$10

A weird month for poker, this one.

It started really well. A series of decent cashes saw me over $200 so I had a punt at an $11 game and duly won that. Get in. Up to 258 now. Some more cashes (1st in a 6.6 and 3rd in another 11) get me up to 274.

Then … nothing! I couldn’t win a game for love nor money and lost 13 on the spin – 1 ahead of my worst ever losing sequence. Nothing would go right for me. You name it, I’ve had it. AJ v A7 on the bubble – he rivers me with a straight. AA v JJ on the bubble – he rivers me with a J. KQs v J8 – rivers a straight.

But my absolute “all time favourite” came a few nights ago. QQ on the bubble – I raise 3x and get called one guy. The flop comes 733 rainbow. I bet the pot and he went all in and obviously I call and lose. He shows 34 off. He said in the chat that the call of my initial bet was a mis-click. When you’re running bad, you’re running bad I guess.

I’ve subsequently had a win and a 3rd to break the sequence but it was no fun while it lasted.

I’ve notice that the APAT English Championship tournament is at the Grosvenor Casino on Bolton in October. I think I might have a go at that – using the money I’ve won at the Cricket Club for the entry fee - £75. I’ll need to run a bit better than I am on line though!