Sunday, May 01, 2011


Online poker: +£44 (+225):  CC game: +£32 (-5): APAT: +£63 (+113)

Matched betting this month = +£43;  This year = +£382

Profit on Month = +£381    Profit on Year = +£521

It's been a fun month poker wise.  I came 5th in an on-line APAT tournament which has put that into the black there and set me up nicely for the "Home International" tournament in Newcastle. 

This was great craic and played in a very good spirit throughout the two days.  I was playing for Ireland A.  We started ok and I was second in one of the sit-and-goes, but it went downhill from there for the team except for young Ger Smith who kept us in the hunt with some sound performances.  We went into the final tournament in 7th place of the 8 teams, but we did know that a good performance in this could still see us in contention.  By the half way stage, with 16 of the field of 32 gone, we were the only team along with the Welsh A team who still had 4 runners. 

Two of our team were then knocked out, so with 10 left, there was our team captain, John Murray (good stack) and me (short stack) left.  The Welsh A team still had 4 runners, so they were home and hosed but we could still come 2nd if we could both finish ahead of the remaining England B player.  That ambition came to an end in an amusing (in retrospect) fashion.  Five handed I went all in with AQ suited.  No callers round to John in the big blind.  He has a long think and decides to call with 5 2 off suit (to chip me up, so that we could have a bash at the remaining England player).  Needless to say he proceeded to four flush me with his 2!  Oh how the England team laughed and indeed we had to ourselves it was so ludicrous.  Right move - wrong result.  Such is poker.  Anyway we finished in 3rd place for the bronze medals.  The Welsh team were very deserved winners and this was emphasised when one of their team won the UK tournament at the weekend (which I didn't play in - 2 days was enough for me).

I've also got the on-line poker in the black now thanks to a third place in the $3,000 guaranteed tournament on 888.  I was pleased with my play in this.  With about 50 of the 300+ starters left I became chip leader when I was all in with AA against KK and 88.  A King came on the flop but a glorious Ace made an appearance on the turn and I was off and running.  I managed to keep a +15BB stack and more all the way to the final table.  My exit hand was a tad unfortunate really.  Three handed I had AJ suited on the button.  I raised and the chip leader three bet me.  He had been chipping up through light 3 betting all the way through and I had marked him for this, so I went all in and he called with K5 off.  I wasn't too surprised but less than thrilled when he hit the 5 and knocked me out. 

I haven't done a lot of matched betting on my own account because I have been using my roll to see my daughter through the Bet365 £200 offer and a nice Betclic one for £100.  Ticking over nicely thanks to dutching on Pinnacle mainly.

The "trading" experiment on the golf was intersting.  I went for McIlroy, Stricker, Kaymer, Donald and McDowell in the end.  Stricker, McDowell and Kaymer failed to show but Donald was well placed and of course McIlroy was winning by the end of day 3.  It was a bit tempting not to lay off the bet on McIlroy because he looked a shoo in at this point, but I knew he was flakey on the final day of tournaments (even the two he has won he nearly contrived to lose) so it was a "no brainer" to make sure I laid them off.  This meant that I was guaranteed a modest profit on the venture.  I'll definitely have another go at this on the US open.  Luke Donald in particular I think has a big win in him.