Monday, July 26, 2010


Absolute: Last Month $1146; Current $1416 (+270)
Poker Stars: Last month $98; Current $110 (+12)
Full Tilt: Last month $164; Current $151 (-13)
Total = $1,538 (+128)
Profit in the month = +$269 Profit in the year = +$950
B&M = £111 (-13)
Betfair = £138 (-)
Total = £249. B&M Profit in year +£49.

The main news this month is that I have stepped up to playing $22 sng's (well actually $20 + $1.80 on Absolute) as my regular game now. Things have gone
ok, the standard isn't appreciably better that's for sure. Meanwhile, with it being the school holidays, I've had a bit more time and played a couple of
tournaments - the $1,500 Gtd. on Absolute. I came 3rd in one for $180 and 4th in the other of $152, which is the main source of profit for this month.  These seem pretty soft to me, so I'll have a bash any time I have the evening to spare.

The sad news is the demise of the rakeback tournaments on Sunday evenings on FT. These were a nice little earner, giving me a bit of a wedge on FT. However FT seem to have changed their criteria and because I don't actually have rakeback from them, I can't play in it any more - sigh. The rakeback
site are going to organise something else for non FT rakeback members, but its a shame nevertheless as it was a soft game with a very good "overlay".

I played in a tournament at the G in Manchester on Sunday afternoon. Sixty five starters and I finished 23rd. Wide range of ability to put it mildly!
There was a Vietnamese woman (with a broad Manchester accent) beside me. She was a wildly loose player - on one occassion, which staggered the entire
table, she went all in on the flop on a KKQ rainbow board having already accidentally turned over the 4 of spades. There was one player already all in and another to play. He called her and she won with Jack high, when the board paired again! Didn't last too much longer though. I'd play there again as I think I was getting a feel for it.

Meanwhile after reading an article in "The Guardian", I have a "matched betting" thing going utilising free bets on sports betting sites and Betfair.  If it works out as planned, I'll let folks know more about it.  Could be a useful "bankroll booster".