Sunday, December 28, 2008


Neteller: Last week $6; Current $6
PokerStars: Last week $82; Current $82 (-)
Full Tilt: Last week $75; Current $60 (-15)
LuckyAce: Last week; $140; Current $140 (-)
Ladbrokes: Last week; $22; Current $20 (-2)

Total = $288 (-17)

Profit on the year: $358

Still not playing much. I lost a little bit at Limit with a bad run, some of which I've won back playing $5 SnG's. However, compared to what I used to play, I'm not doing much - maybe 3/4 hours per week.

It is instructive to look back at the previous year end review. At that time, I had just moved from 1/2 Limit to SnG's and was looking to see if I could move up the ladder. I've subsequently had a feel around at a few things including tournaments, but in the end I think I like the SnG format best at the moment.

Highlights of the year were running the dreaded "Kenn" damned close in the Raise the River league series and winning the first of the face-to-face league finals at the local Cricket Club.

The latter continue to be good fun. I'm currently running 2nd after 6 of the 10 league games. I'm going to have to develop a strategy to counter the current leader though - he's running ahead of me using a loose aggressive approach with a good appreciation of the styles of the players he is up against. Still, having a very tight image (as I do) has its advantages.

Early in the latest game, I was heavily committed with a set on the flop when another player hit a low flush on the turn. My subsequent big bet convinced this normally congenital caller to fold, convinced I had the flush too with an Ace. I didn't disabuse him :-)