Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quiet times.

Online poker: +£16 (-33):  CC game: +£55 (-7): APAT: +£326 (-)

Matched betting this month = +£114;  This year = +£628

Profit on Month = +£64    Profit on Year = +£1,014

After the excitement of last month there is little or nothing to report on the poker front for July.  I've hardly played, being either too tired before the end of term, or away on holiday after it.  We finally got the trophy for the UK Pub Poker championship win which was great.

Next major feature on the poker front is the APAT world amateur championship in Nottingham at the end of August.  Should be good craic and a lot of folk I know are going.

I have had time to experiment with arbing horses using the B365 4/1 offer and a few minor horse sign ups, which is where the matched betting profit has come from. I hope I don't get gubbed there as I have actually started winning a few times after a long run of "losers".  Still - happy days and the football returns in a couple of weeks time so there should be lots more to go at then.