Friday, August 27, 2010


Absolute: Last Month $1416; Current $1577 (+161)
Poker Stars: Last month $110; Current $123 (+13)
Full Tilt: Last month $151; Current $118 (-33)
Total = $1,679 (+141)
Profit in the month = +$141  Profit in the year = +$1,091
B&M = £146 (+36)
Betfair = £289 (+151)
Total = £435.  B&M Profit in year +£200.

What with being on holiday, although I haven't played as many games as I usually would in a month, I have played more tournaments - mainly the $1500 Guraranteed on Absolute at 7.00 PM.  Of the 9 I've played this month I've final tabled three times and this has been the source of my profits.  I've run poorly on my regular sng's, otherwise the profits would have been greater - just one of those things.  I've been getting my MTT game nicely grooved now and definitely managed to improve my play.  I'd like to find some more tournaments starting at 7.00 PM with 150 or so runners.

The main source of interest has been the increase in the Betfair wedge.  This has been achieved by doing some "matched betting" by signing up for the bonuses at betting sites and then laying off the qualifying bets and "free bets" on Betfair.  I read about it in "The Guardian" here and one of the sites recommended in the article can be found here

It has worked nicely and I've been picking off two betting sites a week and made £151 so far.  There are one or two wrinkles to look out for.  Some of the sites (Paddy Power and Betfred so far) don't like you putting your money in via Neteller or Moneybookers.  They won't actually tell you why, but they have things in their terms and conditions about it - so always check those out in advance.  I've also found that "Betclic" (and possibly others) won't let you withdraw money without photo ID (irritating to have to do, but not a problem as I have a scanner - but not necessarily easy for everyone).  If any of you want to do this via an introduction from me, that would be nice as some sites (like Betfair and indeed as is common with poker sites) have introduction offers.  The person introduced gets a better deal too.  A nice little way of boosting the poker bankroll and I intend to use the money raised to enter a much higher stakes live tournament than I would usually manage, some time in the not too distant future.  Of course it's also fun taking money off bookies!

Big news of the month was "Mair" from the Raise the River forum, making the final table of the UKIPT event in Edinburgh where she finished 8th and won £2400.  Well done that lass!