Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Doing a bit of thinking :-)

Online poker: +£169 (+153):  CC game: +£61 (+7): APAT: +£200 (-106)

Matched betting this month = +£127;  This year = +£755

Profit on Month = +£181    Profit on Year = +£1,195

Online things have gone nicely enough this month.  I had a good final table finish in one of my regular 888 tourneys which bumped me up there and the 18 man sit and goes I've been playing on stars after any early tourney exits have been going really nicely.  I've been working on my final table technique there and the results have been very positive. 

The matched betting with my roll continues to be a steady earner and I've picked up lots of "start of the football season" bonuses this month.  Now for a bash at the spread sites I think.

The APAT world amateur championship at Dusk till Dawn in Nottingham was good craic, made even better by the fact that it was eventually won by Dave "No Shoes" Garden.  To be honest, he totally crushed it, following up on his recent big tournament victory against a lot of the top pros.  Well done that man.

From my perspective the APAT was very interesting, as I came away with a lot of ideas on how to improve my tournament game.  I went fairly deep (57th of the 200+ starters on day 1b) but I am now sure that I need to play with a lot more selective aggression in earlier phases of tournaments if I want to do real damage regularly.  I'm going to use the tournaments I regularly play on 888 to work out some of the ideas I've had and see if they improve my overall results over time.  I'm a profitable player doing what I do currently, but I think I can do better.  You have to have a go.  As Bob Dylan put it, "he that's not busy being born is busy dying".