Friday, April 01, 2011


Online poker: -£181 (+22):  CC game: +£37 (+24): APAT: -£50 (_)

Matched betting this month = +£78;  This year = +£339

Profit on Month = +£46    Profit on Year = +£67

I haven't played a lot of poker this month, but at least what I have played has been profitable - mainly 18 man sng's on Stars.  I haven't really had time for many tournaments but I minor cashed in a couple of those too, so I seem to be getting past my "bad trot".

The thing I am looking forward to this month is the APAT "Home International" tournament which will take place in Newcastle in 3 weeks time where I'm going to play for Northern Ireland.  Should be fun and a chance to meet up with some old mates in Geordieland while I'm there.

In the matched betting I've now completed the "partner friendlies" along with the all the accessible British facing books.  Ones like "Jetbull", which require a lot of work, I've just passed on.

I've been thinking about what direction to take off in next with this.  There are some European's I still have to do, but basically I'm thinking of going into American facing books.  This requires a change of style as you need a big roll to complete the wagering requirements, but I do now have enough for that.  The best method seems to be dutching books against each other.  It quite interests me getting into different sports like basketball too. 

I've also started looking at "trading", with an experiment in next week's Masters Golf my first venture.  Nothing serious - a couple of quid each on Donald, Kaymer, Harrington, McDowell and Fowler and then looking to lay them off after the end of the 3rd round.  It will be interesting to see how it works out. If a couple of them are "in contention", then I should be able to engineer a profit.