Friday, February 01, 2013

"You're frightening, you"

It's been over a year since I posted on the blog, so I thought it might be time to update it.

Poker wise I am doing what I planned at the beginning of last year.  I'm playing mainly APAT stuff both on-line (or tournaments on the APAT website and live, with some sng's on Stars if I get eliminated from a tournament early in the proceedings.  I have a positive roi for these, but obviously with the low volume of games I play I'm not making a fortune.  That's fine as I'm playing for the craic.

Last weekend the Edgworth Cricket Club team went down to Luton to play in the APAT team tournament.  This was much stronger (25 teams & 200 players) than the tourney we won in Blackpool (120 players) a couple of years back.  The team finished 10th of 25, which was a decent showing considering three of them had never played in such a setting before.  They must have enjoyed it, because quite a few are up for the APAT event at Dusk to Dawn at the end of March.

Individually, I made the final table and finished 6th.  It could all have been even better if the eventual winner hadn't four flushed me on the river when my AKs hit an Ace on the flop ahead of his QT off.  That's the way these things go and at least I put myself in with a chance.

On the final table they had it set up to show the play (using cards with microchips in) on a delayed live stream.  It would have been interesting for the other folks on the final table to see what I was up to, as I was really abusing my ultra tight image and running a bunch of bluffs against the shorter stacked players to maintain my stack.  Fortunately I was to the left of the two big stacks, which was really useful.  Fun while it lasted.

On the Sunday morning, as I was checking out of the hotel, a guy from another team came over and asked me if I was "Kronstdat" on line.  I confessed and he said, "You're really frightening you, but you're not scary at all in the flesh!"  Best compliment I've ever had on my poker.  :-)