Sunday, November 28, 2010


Absolute: Last Month $1607; Current $1607 (-)
Poker Stars: Last month $123; Current $123 (-)
Full Tilt: Last month $118; Current $118 (-)
888: Last month $101; Current $828  (+727)
Total = $2537 (+727)
Profit in the month = -$727  Profit in the year = +$1,949
B&M = £173 (+16)
Betfair = £1,069 (+309)
Total = £1,242  B&M Profit in year +£1,106.

The horrible run of the previous month ended almost immediately into November.  I've played 20 tournament games on Pacific and final tabled 3 of them including a 2nd place along with 4 other cashes.  My roi on there is now just over 150%.  The second place came last Friday and it meant that I was playing until 2.30 in the morning, which I didn't really want to do since I was going to the APAT Coventry event the next day.  Glad I did though as I very nearly binked the thing and was ahead in the heads up several times - it went on for half an hour.  All my sng experience definitely came in useful - it was just a coin flip which went wrong that cost me in the end. 

The APAT Coventry was good craic but ultimately unsuccessful.  It was good to meet up with Ant and Mair again.  One of Ant's friends, Michelle, was beside me at my first table.  She was eliminated very early on, with a horrific "bad beat", when her 55's on a flop of 533 were eventually called all in by...33 of course. 

It turned out to be no bad thing for her, as she then joined the £250 pro game and came 2nd in it.  I would have tried that tourney myself, if eliminated early as there was a big overlay on it with only 11 players and a £1,000 GUKPT seat for the winner in addition to the prize money.  Indeed we were discussing this option just before her exit!

It was one of those tournaments where my big hands weren't called early on (since I was playing very tight and making heafty raises this wasn't too surprising).  Then in the middle part I was totally card dead for 3 levels and didn't do anything but fold.  Of course I then had to start making some moves and they held to get me back into the thing.  At around 11.00 I went all in with QQ was called behind by AK and he hit a King on the flop and that was that. 

If I'd won that I'd have been right in the mixer, but that's how tournament poker goes.  Anyway I enjoyed playing and there was a good atmosphere about the whole thing. 

Mind you I could have done without the ABBA tribute band in the concert room next door.  I loathed ABBA when they first appeared and nothing I heard suggested I should change my opinion!

Meanwhile the "matched betting" goes from strength to strength, building up the roll in Betfair.  I'll use it to play some live tournaments next year, with some of the side events in the GUKPT having an appeal.