Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Neteller: Last week $6; Current $6
PokerStars: Last week $94; Current $82 (-)
Full Tilt: Last week $112; Current $75 (-37)
LuckyAce: Last week; $140; Current $140 (-)
Ladbrokes: Last week; $0; Current $22 (-)

Total = $312 (-37)

I have continued to only play spasmodically - donking off some money on S&G's on FT. Not on my "A game" there I'm afraid, but I made some of it back playing some Limit.

The victory came in the League Final of the game at the local Cricket Club. We played for 5 hours last Sunday and I eventually took it down. It was a bit hairy around the bubble, but my greater experience at Head's Up play made all the difference in the end. Good fun too and we are going to have another one finishing during the Christmas holidays.