Monday, February 28, 2011


Online poker: -£203 (-39):  CC game: +£13 (-22): APAT: -£50 (_)

Matched betting this month = +£134;  This year = +£261

Profit on Month = +£73    Profit on Year = +£21

Poker continues to be a serious struggle at the moment - I can't win a coinflip to save my life and of course that is not a good status report when you are playing mainly tourneys and the odd sng.  It's very waring indeed.  What the sort of trot I have had since the New Year must be like for someone who is seriously involved in playing poker for a living is horrible to think about.

BUT.  I have Matched Betting to save the day.  It continues to go swimmingly and as a result I am now marginally up on the year betting wise.

The trouble with having a sustained bad run when you are playing poker is that you start to question the verities that gave you a winning game in the first place and then you get caught out all over again.  I'm fully aware of this and am battling to control it, but it's not a lot of fun.

The Cricket Club game the other night had a classic.  I was eliminated on the bubble (3 way coin flip - ahead before the flop - lost) and went to join the "cash game" that develops from the losers.  Second hand.  4 players.  I have AKoff in the BB.  Fold, Fold, call from SB.  SB I know to be a very loose player, so I raise 5x.  Call.  Flop 962 rainbow.  I go all in.  He calls and shows K6 off suit.  To add insult to injury, another 6 comes on the turn and that is that.  When you are running bad, you are running bad...and players as bad as this make a profit...sigh.

So, a bit out of love with poker at the moment, but I know this will eventually end.  At least I finally cashed in a tournament last night, even if it was before the serious end of the money and, inevitably, to a bad beat - four flushed with AQ v AJ.