Sunday, September 26, 2010


Absolute: Last Month $1577; Current $1737 (+160)
Poker Stars: Last month $123; Current $123 (-)
Full Tilt: Last month $118; Current $118 (-)
888: Last month $0; Current $190  (+190)
Total = $2,029 (+350)
Profit in the month = +$350  Profit in the year = +$1,441
B&M = £157 (+11)
Betfair = £492 (+203)
Total = £649  B&M Profit in year +£414.

I've now moved most of my online poker playing over to playing tournaments now with only the occasional Sng when I don't have time for a tourney or I've been knocked out early.  My "regular" is the $1.5K Gtd. on Absolute but I've also been playing the $2K Gtd on 888 and a $3.5K Gtd on Betfair.  They are all $11 games.  The nice thing about them is that, not only are these games soft, but they don't have the huge fields that you have to plow through on the likes of Tilt and Stars - that is much more to my taste. 

I've played 29 games, cashing 11 times and final tabling 8 for a total profit on these of $976 over the last couple of months.  Still no outright win so far - the best I've done is 3rd, but it surely has to come.

The main improvement I've made to my game, which lies behind these results, is developing significantly tighter calling ranges against bets late in these tournaments.  I worked out that I was giving myself far to many "coin flips" with hands which were quite good, but not enough to guarantee domination.  It's better to pass and retain the fold equity of the first bet all in, when in the later stages of these things.  It's certainly been working well for me so far.

Meanwhile the matched betting has been jogging along nicely and I've still not attacked the big ones yet.  This is building up a nice stash in Betfair where I'm going to have a bash at some of their higher level tourneys with the dosh accumulated. 

I'm also plotting going to the APAT European tourney in Coventry in late November.  It will be good to meet up with some of the Raise the River folk again, as I expect quite a few will be going.