Thursday, August 27, 2009


Neteller: Last week $108; Current $68 (-40)
Full Tilt: Last week $45; Current $45 (-)
Ultimate Bet: Last month $198; Current $317 (+119)

Total = $430

Profit on the month = +$79

I started the month with a couple of wins at $5.5 which put me over $200. Since then I've only played $11 games and I've found them very much to my liking. I've played 22 for a profit of $67, which is a "roi" of 27%. Very tidy I reckon.

The standard is not noticably better than in the $5.5 games, which surprised me a little bit. It is a rare game that isn't down to the last 4/5 players by the time we reach the 50/100 level, which is where the serious blind stealing has to start.

I've cashed in 10 of the games, so I still seem to be running close to cashing 50% of the time as I was consistently at $5.5. My heads up game seems to be running ok too, as I've won 4 with 2 seconds.

I bunged in another $40 from Neteller to get some bonus going. It's not a lot but I may as well have it.

I'm only playing one game at a time at the moment. I'm going to have to have a look at multi-tabling. I'll make multi-tabling the target once I have over $400 I think.