Sunday, June 27, 2010


Absolute: Last Month $1112; Current $1146 (+34)
Poker Stars: Last month $105; Current $98 (-7)
Full Tilt: Last month $184; Current $164 (-20)
Total = $1,408 (+7)
Profit in the month = +$7  Profit in the year = +$681
B&M = £124 (+11)
Betfair = £138 (-)
Total = £262.  B&M Profit in year +£62

This month started well with a win in the Cricket Club game and a successful transition to $20 + 1.80 turbo sng's on Absolute.  The standard in the 20's is no better than the 10's or 11's as they are now for some reason.  As string of 8 cashes in succession saw me +$220 on the month, but things have gone totally pear shaped since then.  I've had a horrible run of 10 losing games interspersed with one 3rd place to see me more or less back where I started.  Runs like this are nothing unusual of course but it's irritating just the same.  At least four of those were on the bubble as well - SIGH.

Meanwhile I couldn't win anywhere else either.  I've had a go at some $5.5 tourneys on FT in a Raise the River syndicate and failed to cash in any of them - close on a couple of occasions but no cigar. 

I was quite surprised after the trot I've had to find that I was just above breaking even.  It can't be all bad if you can achieve that while running bad.

Meanwhile I'm casting around for a bricks and mortar tournament to go to during the summer holidays.  Anything up to £100 buy in considered.  If anyone knows of any likely candidates in the north west/Yorkshire areas please let me know.