Thursday, December 24, 2009


Ultimate Bet: Last week $453; Current $637 (+184)
Poker Stars: Last month $113; Current $149 (+36)

Total = $786

Profit on the month = +$220

Profit for the year = +$580

B&M money = £2,389 (-9)

Profit for the year = £2,389

It's been a grand final month to finish a great poker year - with $184 profit on the $11 games on Ultimate Bet and $36 on a few games on Stars. The SnGs work out at the totally awesome roi of 74%, which is even better than my previous monthly best - the September figures. According to Sharkscope my roi overall is 23%. Very acceptable.

I'm very comfortable with $11 games, so I'm going to look towards getting the Cereus bankroll up to $800 and then moving up to $22 games. I'm going to take out the Ultimate money and transfer it over to a new account on Absolute, so that I can get rakeback (30% seems to be available from a number of sources). It looks as if I will be playing enough hands at a sufficiently high level to make rakeback worth taking into account in future.

I re-opened the Stars account to play in the Bloggerment with the RaisetheRiver folk (Stars private tournaments 9.00 PM on Sundays - good craic). As hoped, my luck on there has improved (poor old "Weegem" certainly thinks so after last week when my all in with TT against his Aces hit a flop with two tens - sorry mate). I've now come 2nd twice. "Mair" has won for the last two weeks running and seems in fine form.

The hoped for improvement in results at the Cricket Club hasn't emerged yet though - looks like I will have to tough that one out.

All in all I am very pleased with the way my game has developed. I now have a winning game at SnG's which I've managed to successfully transfer to tournament scenarios. There is still plenty to work on, but I'm enjoying playing which is the main thing. It's a hobby not an occupation.

So, time to set out the poker plans for next year.

a) Basic game on-line: $11 then $22 SnG's with a profit on year objective of $1,000.

B) Play some MTT's on Stars when I have the time (good for practicing tourney technique).

b) Play on-line games on Blue Square in the APAT leagues. (I'll put $200 into Blue Square to set that up).

c) Play some more B & M tourneys (especially APAT) when they are available. (I'll set aside £200 to fund that).

A prosperous New Year to all my readers!