Sunday, January 01, 2012


Online poker: +£315 (-131):  CC game: +£157 (-11): APAT: +£200 (-)

Matched betting this month = +£112;  This year = +£1462

Profit on Month = -£30    Profit on Year = +£2132

It is interesting to look back at the targets I set in the review blog at the end of last year and consider them in the light of events subsequently.  I have totally changed my thinking since they were written. 

Basically I am playing an awful lot less than I used to on-line, mainly because I have absolutely no desire to "grind" my way to winning money at poker.  I'd rather just keep it recreational, so I just play the odd tournament or sng when the spirit moves me.  I imagine that is how I will carry on now.

Highlight of the poker year has to be captaining the team from Edgworth Cricket Club that won the APAT UK Pub Poker Championship back in June or so.  That was really good fun. 

I enjoy the APAT tourneys and will certainly be having a bash at anything within reach next year.  I wouldn't mind playing in some other "bricks and mortar" games if I can find something suitable.  The best one I've found is a Sunday afternoon tournament at the G in Manchester, but I often have other commitments on Sunday afternoons, so I've only been a couple of times.

Matched betting has been a "steady earner" all year and I've easily made most of my profits from that.  More of that will definitely be called for.

I'm not sure - given the limited amount of poker I am playing - whether I'll carry on with this blog - time will tell.

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dead in the fucking water, I guess.