Tuesday, April 09, 2013

APAT Nottingham

I got back from the APAT Nottingham tournament last Monday night having thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  I played a pretty decent tournament and finished 47th of 460 for a minor cash of £200, so that covered my expenses.

It was an up-and-down sort of a tourney on the first day.  A couple of tough beats saw me down to 2700 chips with the blinds at 200/400/25 so I shoved J9 off on the Big Blind after it had been passed round to me in the Small Blind.  He talked himself into calling and turned over T7 off.  Nothing untoward happened and I was back in the hunt.  From there I proceeded to batter my way up (just playing good hands for value, nothing tricksy) until I had 90+K. 

It was about 12.00 at this stage and I thought, ok, I can just cruise to the 2nd day from here.

However a bit later the big stack on the table (200K+) who had been raising routinely for a while raised me 2.5 Bigs and I was looking at AJ off.  Obviously I had to play, so I elected to call.  The flop came KKA and I made a half pot raise which he called.  (Alarm bells).  Blank on the turn and we both checked.  Blank on the river and he raises 15K.  I have the odds so I have to call and he shows K9 suited.  Sigh.

I was kicking myself afterwards thinking I should have re-raised 3x pre-flop.  Mik on "RaisetheRiver" said he didn't hate the line I took, as at least I got out without losing the lot.  I suppose that it was just one of those where I was destined to lose a chunk. 

Anyway, I duely made the second day but I was short stacked and with only 7 Bigs left and the blinds due to go up, I shoved QJ hearts.  The small blind insta-called and then Ant in the big blind dwelt for a while before folding (AK off it transpired).  Small blind turned over AQ off and I'm dominated.  The flop comes KT hearts blank and suddenly I'm favourite with umpteen outs!  Queen on the turn and a blank on the river and it's good game me.  Still, a bit of excitement to finish.

Meanwhile Hutch (who was on my table for the J9 shove) and No Shoes were both on the lash (no surprise there).  They may have been on the beer but they  were too tasty for one of the regs who tried to take advantage of them, but ended up on the wrong side of a 1K loss - lol.

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